Admission Academic Year 2024-2025 INTERNATIONAL students


  • EXTRA-EU international students resident  abroad RESERVED QUOTAS SCHEME
  • Chinese students participating in the Turandot Project A.A. 2025/2026: RESERVED QUOTAS SCHEME

All international students will have to take the admission  exam only in the fall session 2024/2025.

International students resident  abroad  applying for entry visas (including Turandot students for A.A. 2025/2026) must access the UNIVERSITALY portal in order to fill in the "PRE-ENROLLMENT APPLICATION" and wait for the validation before  filling in the application for admission on ISIDATA services, including all the validated documentation in the Universitaly procedure. It is advisable to make the pre-enrrolment by the end of June to be able to obtain all the documentation useful to the entrance in Italy and to the eventual enrollment, according to schedule. 

Once validated by the Conservatory, the candidate must submit the application for pre-enrollment  to Italian  Diplomatic/Consular Representation  in the country of residence for the issuance of the Study/University Registration Visa.

Prior acceptance by the Conservatory does not confer any right to obtain the visa, which remains the exclusive competence of the Diplomatic/Consular Representation, nor does it confer the right to enroll to our Conservatory.

Chinese students interested in participating in the Turandot Project A.A. 2025/2026 must access the UNIVERSITALY portal in order to fill in the relevant " PRE-ENROLLMENT APPLICATION "; no deadline has been officially announced yet (2023/2024 was 26 August 2022).


All international students - both visa applicants for study purposes and those who regularly stay in Italy - must take the B2 level Italian language test.

The Italian language knowledge test will take place on Tuesday 3 September 2024; the exam will take place exclusively in person. Ineligible students will not be able to take subsequent tests.

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